Tax, Finance and Accounting

We are committed to finding the best solutions for the proper optimization of the different resources of the company, through expert advice and updated as to the constant regulatory changes in this area.


We cover all areas of law, with extensive experience in consulting and legal defense in all orders and judicial bodies, and with a high success rate for our customers.


We specialize in finding the most appropriate alternatives for hiring and representation before the courts, as well as advise on the best options for grants and benefits that can provide the different legal options to the employer and workers. Always updated as far as labor standards are concerned, in the context of recruitment, both in regulation and wage concepts.

New Technologies

We provide a comprehensive and advanced in all legal specialties affected by new technologies advice to ensure compliance with current legislation, and the establishment of adequate safeguards in relations with third parties.


We are a specialized in comprehensive business consultancy, offering legal, fiscal and labor solutions tailored to the needs of each company, with the help of a multidisciplinary team and the firm intention to contribute to the economic growth of our professional office customers.


– 2004, Company fundation

The professional office Fuster Espai d’Assessorament started its activity with the firm intention of helping the growth of businesses, thus contributing to economic progress in the area of Vallès Oriental.

– 2009, New office

Office growth in number of customers and increased the professionals in the team of counseling, forces us to move offices Fuster Espai d’Assessorament headquarters to a new location that accommodates business growth.

– 2012, Opening of the delegation in China (Beijing)

We begin our international expansion, meeting the demands of many of our customers, which aims to open market in the eastern country.

– 2013, Gabinete Güell absorption

In April this year, the merger with the office of Miguel Güell, with over 25 years of experience in Granollers, involves the creation of a new office with 24 professionals in his team, which expands service offerings becoming a multi-discipline consulting.

– 2015, Afabia SL absorption

Continuing with the expansion and growth, Fuster Güell | Advocats i Economistes reaches an agreement with Afabia Counseling and absorbs its customer base, taking another step consolidating our firm as one of the main references in the field of advising companies.

– 2018, Constant Growth

Continuing with the growth trend in 2018, we gradually increased our staff and initiated technological expansion. This led to an expansion in the range of services and our professionals, aligning with the capital growth at FusterGüell.

– 2021, Afabia SL absorption

Continuing with the expansion and growth, Fuster Güell | Advocats i Economistes reaches an agreement with Afabia Counseling and absorbs its customer base, taking another step consolidating our firm as one of the main references in the field of advising companies.

– 2023, Celebrating our tenth anniversary

FusterGüell | Advocats i Economistes celebrates 10 years of professional career, contributing to the progress of medium and large companies, both inside and outside Catalonia. This anniversary also coincides with the expansion of our offices, because of the growth of the workforce and billing.



• Awards and competitions
• Corporate acquisitions
• Balance Sheet Analysis
• Collective agreements application
• Leases
• Consulting Law Intellectual / Industrial Property
• Transaction Advisory Services
• Consulting real estate transactions
• Advice and preparation Balance Sheets and Income Statement
• Consulting and tax planning
• Consulting and presentation of insolvency proceedings
• Consulting, holding General Meetings
• Audit Work
• Arrears Calculation / events
• Payroll and quotes
• Calculation retentions
• Unfair competition
• Compliance Officer
• Making Annual Accounts
• Preparation of dismissal letters, penalties
• Making Accounting books
• Preparation and review of accounting
• Incorporation
• Accounting Online Access
• Cost Accounting
• Business Hiring
• Labor contracts
• Administrative Contracts
• Real Estate Contracts
• Corporate Defense
• Tax Statements
• Legal defense in reintegration actions
• Legal Defense in administrative and judicial proceedings
• Fiscal offenses
• Construction Law
• criminal-economic law
• Layoffs and extinctions of individual and collective contracts
• Double Taxation national-international
• Due diligence Accounting
• Due diligence Tax
• Development and implementation of the LOPD / LSSI
• Splits
• Study responsibility of the Administrator
• Studies welfare (disability, retirement)
• Corporate Finance and Project
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Inspections work
• Tax inspections
• Licensing and Administrative concessions
• Tenders
• Bankruptcy Mediation
• Nationality / Residence / Alien
• Negotiation and collective agreements appear before Labor Court
• Negotiations with Financial Institutions
• Negotiations and interventions based conciliatory
• buy / sell Operations
• refinancing operations
• Corporate Transactions
• Related party transactions
• Participation in boards
• Feasibility plans and treasury
• Estate Planning, Succession
• Procedures to Social Security
• Legal proceedings
• Tax procedures
• Proposed agreement
• Key figures and financial statements
• Claims for payment and compensation
• Claims for defects
• Resources, the Administration claims
• Drafting social agreements
• Drafting shareholder agreements
• Criminal Responsibility administrator
• Restructuring companies
• Business Restructurings
• Government subsidies and debt
• Processing ARE
• Processing records TRADEMARKS AND PATENTS
• Transfers template
• Business valuation